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Karystos | the ultimate web gate

Just within an hour from the city of Athens and you think youíve entered in another world.
Karystos, Marmari, Kafireas.
Greece is a country full of natural treasures that differentiate for their geological,biological cultural and sensible wealth. Our district has too many hidden places that constitute special bequests of nature and civilization. Hereby some of those are presented though all of them do actually worth a visit ,exploration and above all our protection
Karystos. Urban centre in the southern evia . By car from Chalkida (120km) and within an hour from the port of rafina to Marmari. It is a city with well laid-out streets, squares and public neoclassical buildings. Seafront with traditional coffee spaces an ouzo taverns that predispose the visitor for the beauty that follows. Read more ...
Marmari. Being only 12 km away from Karystos marmari is situated in a deep bay viewing the islands group of petalioi. During the last years it has developed in a tourist attraction, an ideal base to explore southern Evia. Read more ...
Cavo D'Oros. In the eastern side of evia and around the so-called cape, the villages a wider area known as Cavo díoro are located. Cavo díoro which comprises one of the most legendary passages once you cross it, it leads you from the south to the north of the Aegean sea.
Beaches. Our innumerable and magnificent beaches that appeal to each visitorís taste are our most striking point. Crystal clear waters with amazing clarity, endless blue and deep green that combine mountain with sea. Read more... South Evia beaches
History. Castello Rosso, karystosís castle dominates at the feet of mount Ochi. Only within 4km distance from the city of Karystos located among the villages of Grambia and Myloi. Bourzti the cityís point of reference is at the eastern edge of the seafront. A well preserved rampant over the port. It is thought that it was built in the mid 13th century by the Venetians.
Karystos Castles
Ochi mountain. A mountain full of ravines (dragon houses) "drakospita" and water sources. In the wide area of northern Karystia more than 20 dragon houses kwokn as "drakospita" have been registered. The one though that stands out is this on the peak of mount Ochi. A monument that is simply awesome. Nature and traditiuon are bounded up in a unique combination throughout Greece. Read more...
Dragon House
Dimosari Gorge. The gorge of Dimosaris drives through a verdurous ravine in the heart of Ochiís mount, and follows one of the most fascinating hiking trails in Greece. The gorge descends from mount Ochi and through delightfully lush vegetation ends into the white beach at the foothills of Kallianou (to meet the Aegean). Read more...
Dimosari Gorge
The paths of mount Ochi and the stone cobbled roads that once used to be the only ways of communication and transport, still provide ideal routes for recreation for nature lovers. They can help you explore rural life, something which absents nowadays. Read more...
The Paths
Abundant Geology Flora and Fauna. Millions of years ago does the story begin. Rocks slates and characteristic marbles of Karystos (sipolinomarmara) that adorn enormous constructions worldwide, are widely known. The plantation in Ochi mount, creates a natural mosaic composed by various biota. Read more...
Flora and Fauna
The Cave. On the southwestern foothills of Ochi among the plane trees that stand next to the river bed, there comes into view the church of Agia Triada. A footpath which leads to the entrance of a cave where the famous biggest underground waterfall throughout Greece (30 m. height) lies. Read more... The Cave

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